Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorial - Elastic hair tie with fabric covered button

1. Gather your items for making the fabric covered button - lime green cardboard disc for measurement of fabric circle to cut out, clear plastic mould, green pusher, button cap and bottom, fabric circle (already cut in this case. A note about cutting the fabric that you'll want to centre the cardboard disc so that the picture you want is centred.
2. You'll need the mould, fabric circle and button cap.
3. Place the fabric in the mould and the cap on top and press down.
4. Fold the edges in neatly. Press tightly.
5. Flip over to check that the picture is as desired, else redo steps 3 and 4.
6. Place the button bottom on top of the folds like in step 4.
7. Press the pusher on top till you feel the button bottom click into the cap.
8. Pop the fabric covered button out of the mould.
9. Gather elastic, needle and thread. If your elastic in a long strip, tie a knot first so you have a loop.
10. Thread the needle through the loop of the button bottom, through the elastic loop and back through the loop of the button bottom.
11. Pull just a bit of elastic through.
12. Remove the needle and thread and thread the larger loop of the elastic through the smaller loop and pull tight.

Email me if you get stuck at any of the steps.
Have a blessed day!

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